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At the September 2003 IBP launch in Agra, India, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to form the IBP Consortium was signed by the 12 founding organizations of the IBP Initiative and 8 other international agencies.

Initially the MOU had to be renewed by the partners every two years but in 2007 all partners agreed to sign an indefinite extension of the MOU. (add link) They also voted to increase the rotation of the Chair from every year to every two years and published updated IBP Consortium Membership and Operational Guidelines. (add link to MOU extension document).

Since the partnership was first launched , the partners agreed that WHO/RHR would coordinate the programme of activities and serve as Secretariat. To this day the IBP Secretariat is based in WHO Geneva and WHO/RHR has provided one senior adviser and USAID through the Global Fellow Program, supported by the Public Health Institute another. (add link to Membership page) USAID and WHO/RHR have provided funding to support the IBP Secretariat and contribute to specific activities undertaken by the partnership.

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