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Supported the dissemination and use of the Guide for Fostering Change to Strengthen and Scale-up Health Services in French and English. Collaborated with Management Sciences for Health on the development of a virtual training programme currently being implemented in Francophone West Africa and as follow-up to six countries that attended the ANE Meeting, Bangkok 2007.

Worked collaboratively with country teams on the development of guidelines to document country experiences and the "practices that make programmes work".

Continued to manage and expand the use of the IBP Knowledge Gateway through the implementation of global discussion forums and support to establish knowledge networks that improve access to information and promote collaborative learning.

Shared the electronic platform of the Knowledge Gateway with other organizations and agencies and provided the training to support the establishment of knowledge networks, communities of practice and discussion forums.

Supported the preparation and implementation of a Global Consultation of Health Professions to identify their contribution to the global health agenda, particularly, but not exclusively sexual and reproductive health. Launched the Health Professions Global Network as a result of this consultation.

Worked with K4H to develop a collaborative knowledge management strategy.

Provided language facilities on the Knowledge Gateway for use by partners and collaborating agencies/organizations, French, Spanish and Portuguese

Finalized, published and disseminated guidance for sexual and reproductive health programmes to address the sexual and reproductive health needs of persons with disabilities.

Worked with partners to improve access to reproductive health quality essential medicines and commodities for sexual and reproductive health.

Collaborated with partners on USAID technical priorities (such as post abortion care, postpartum family planning, community-based distribution of Depo, long-term and permanent methods and Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancy) to produce technical briefs and to assist with dissemination and integration into country programmes.

Supported the planning and preparation of the International Conference on Family Planning: Research and Best Practices due to be held in Kampala, Uganda, November 2009 for 1000 participants. IBP partners will support a 3rd Day focused on practical programmatic issues around Knowledge to Action.

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