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Between 2007 and 2011 IBP partners support advancing universal access and addressing social determinants of health by recognizing the sexual and reproductive health needs of people with disabilities.

In support of the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the IBP partnership identified sexual and reproductive health and disability as a neglected area of health care.

In 2007 a task team led by the IBP secretariat and UNFPA initiated the formulation of guidance for the full inclusion of people with disabilities in sexual and reproductive health activities. The guidance, for policy makers and program managers, was published in 2009 after extensive consultation with representatives of organizations of persons with disabilities and other experts.

In 2010 the IBP secretariat, in collaboration with UNFPA undertook activities to disseminate this guidance to UN agencies, IBP members and other reproductive health organizations to discuss ways in which they can ensure access of services and programs for people with disabilities within their projects and programs. 

Presentations are being developed and discussions are being undertaken with the WHO Disability team and selected countries to identify specific demonstration projects that could highlight effective ways to ensure access to people with disabilities. 

In collaboration with the WHO Disability Team and UNFPA an official launch of this document in English and French was undertaken in conjunction with the launch of the World Report on Disability in June 2011. 

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