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Acknowledgements for the 2011 web site www.ibpinitiative.org

The IBP Consortium would like to thank Maggie Usher-Patel, Scientist/IBP Secretariat, WHO/RHR (retired), for the preparation of the content of this website, Catherine Richey, Technical Officer, WHO/RHR, for contributing to the architecture of the IBP web site as well as to the content of the Knowledge Gateway web site, Ward Rinehart and Sarah Johnson, Jura Editorial Services, for editing and design support, Julio Navarrete, IT Consultant ICSOS Group, and Keith Freund for technical support, and Damir Simunic, Director, WA Research, for hosting the site on the Knowledge Gateway servers. 

The IBP Consortium would like to gratefully acknowledge that the production of this web site has been supported by the World Health Organization, Department of Reproductive Health and Research through the IBP Secretariat, Maggie Usher-Patel, Suzanne Reier, and Ados May, Dr Rushna Ravji, Team Leader, GHI, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Professor Victoria Jennings, Institute for Reproductive Health/Georgetown University, Dr Sharon Rudy, Director, Global Health Fellows Program (GHFP), Public Health Institute, and Margaret D’Adamo, IT/KM Advisor, USAID Global Health Bureau (GHB), Office of Population and Reproductive Health.

This web site summarizes the activities undertaken by the IBP Initiative since its inception in 1999. All the materials used have been produced by the IBP Secretariat and/or the IBP Consortium members over the last 12 years, unless otherwise stated. The IBP Secretariat would like to thank those who reviewed the web site prior to initial publication on behalf of their organizations, particularly Margaret D’Adamo, USAID/GHB, who co-ordinated the review process, and Luis Ortiz-Echevarria, CARE, Laurette Cucuzza, CEDPA, Lisette Bernal, EngenderHealth, Alexandra Gilpin, FIGO, Laura Raney, FHI360, Staci Brophy, GHFP, Kathleen Schaffer, Family Care International, Theresa Norton, Jhpiego, Christina Dickinson and Angela Nash-Mercado, JHU/CCP, Willow Gerber, MSH, Nick Corby, Marie Stopes International, and Rushna Ravji, USAID/GHI/AA/GHI. 

Photo credits 

The IBP Secretariat would like to gratefully acknowledge WHO, World Bank, UNICEF, UNFPA, PhotoShare and IBP partners for contributing their photographs to this website. 

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