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The IBP works together to foster change through scaling-up best practices. 

To be effective and create change in practice requires:
  • Dedicated champions and agents of change
  • Effective collaboration to harmonize approaches and messages and to reduce duplication, confusion and wastage of resources
  • Developing knowledge management strategies that help people to access the best available information to meet their needs, when they need it
  • Building on existing levels of knowledge and experience
  • Applying a systematic and strategic approach that addresses the structural, organizational and cultural barriers to change through a synergistic cycle of interventions.

Selecting and implementing an array of interventions that target barriers to change, improve performance and lead to desired outcomes.

Attending to all aspects of the system in which performance is taking place:

  • The needs and expectations of the clients, community members and providers.
  • The capacity, competence and motivation of people in the system.
  • Physical environment in which people work,
  • The ability of the organization to support all the components, leadership, vision, communication, the finances.
  • The ability of the system to evaluate performance and self-correct.
  • Involve people in the identification of barriers and best practices through interactive meetings that develop consensus and support for change.

Using a participative approach to gain consensus and commitment to action.

Developing systems to build and sustain the momentum.

Partners have developed a Guide to Fostering Change to Scaling Up Effective Health Services to provide a clear pathway that links proven change practice to “how-to” steps for successful change management.   Partners have linked this approach to the ExpandNet 9-Step Guidance on Scaling-Up and introduced these processes and principles in a number of countries.

The strategy of the IBP partnership may have changed over time, but the principle goal has always remained the same, IBP partners will work with networks at the global, regional and country levels to harmonize approaches, reduce duplication and work collaboratively to implement and scale up proven effective technical, programmatic and managerial practices to improve reproductive health. 

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