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Key tools: High Impact Practices, Scale up and Documentation


High Impact Practices (HIPs)

High Impact Practices (HIPs) are a set of evidence-based family planning practices vetted by experts against specific criteria and documented in an easy-to-use format.

Endorsed by more than 25 organizations, HIPs help build consensus around our current understanding of what works in family planning.

HIPs are identified based on demonstrated magnitude of impact on contraceptive use and potential application in a wide range of settings. Consideration is also given to other relevant outcome measures including unintended pregnancy, fertility, or one of the primary proximate determinants of fertility (delay of marriage, birth spacing, or breastfeeding). Evidence of replicability, scalability, sustainability, and cost- effectiveness are also examined. The eight-page HIP briefs can be used for advocacy, strategic planning, program design, exploration of research gaps, to inform policies and guidelines, and to support implementation.

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This seminal brief provides a list of all the HIPs identified by the Technical Advisory Group (TAG). The TAG is made up of more than 25 international experts in family planning research, programming, and implementation identified from donor agencies, research institutions, and service delivery organizations. The TAG meets at least once a year to review evidence and make recommendations and ensure High Impact Practices meet the criteria established by the endorsing partners.

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Scale up and documentation

ExpandNet, in collaboration with WHO, has produced several guidance documents based on literature reviews and the extensive experience of its members. These tools are intended for policy makers, program managers, funders, project staff, and those providing technical assistance to scaling-up initiatives.

Beginning with the end in mind

Beginning with the end in mind planning pilot projects and other programmatic research for successful scaling up 

This guide contains 12 recommendations on how to design pilot projects with scaling up in mind.

Nine steps for developing a scaling up strategy

Nine steps for developing a scaling up strategy

Facilitate systematic planning for scaling up for programme managers, researchers and technical support agencies who are seeking to scale-up health service innovation.

Practical guidance for scaling up health service innovations

Practical guidance for scaling up health service innovations 

A practical guidance on how to proceed with scaling up. For programme managers, policy-makers, donors and those who provide technical assistance with scaling-up initiatives.


WHO documentation tool

WHO documentation tool


A tool to identify best practices, document them in summary or detail, and highlight elements of scaling up so that other public health practitioners can replicate practices with a view to scaling them up.

application pdf A Guide to Identifying and Documenting Best Practices in Family Planning Programmes



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