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The Director of China’s State Family Planning Commission attended the Nepal meeting and invited WHO/RHR to bring the DAU process to China. It was agreed to convene a meeting of senior managers from State Family Planning Commission in Beijing, China, December 2000. 

The meeting focused on updating China’s administrative instructions for family planning services to reflect the WHO/RHR Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use, principles of evidence-based practice and good client-provider interaction. The partnership contributed to the production and review of these administrative instructions that included guidance on client provider interaction. These revised instructions were adopted as policy.

A second meeting in China, convened by the State Family Planning Commission was held in Tainjin, December 2001. This meeting introduced what had become by then the Implementing Best Practice (IBP) Initiative and involved 34 provincial managers and their assistants. The meeting built on local experience to discuss issues related to leadership, the management of change and how to apply the key steps in the Performance Improvement Process. 

The Performance Improvement process provided the basis for provincial managers to formulate action plans. The State Family Planning Commission agreed to highlight achievements and paired three provinces that had more advanced reproductive health services with three provinces that could benefit from the experience of their “twin”. The State Commission committed to following up each province.


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