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As a partnership we support performance improvement and change management techniques that facilitate the implementation, scaling-up and sustained use of effective family planning/reproductive health practices (that is, a process, procedure, tool or principle) at the country level.

Our Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives and Work Plan for 2011–2016 have been revisited and revised. But our fundamental commitment to reproductive health and our guiding principles of operation have not changed.

As a partnership we function on a cost-sharing basis and work collaboratively to reduce duplication and harmonize approaches so that we can achieve common goals more quickly. IBP Partners function on a cost-sharing basis to support activities at the global, regional and country levels. We do not fund partners.      


IBP partners' value added

  1. IBP partners offer a shared vision for maximizing the dissemination and scaling-up of reproductive health effective practices and resources.           
  2. IBP Partners have a wide variety of expertise and experience that can be shared among partners and with countries.
  3. IBP Partners believe coordinated effort achieves more than the sum of individual actions.
  4. IBP Partners recognize that IBP activities are a component of their core work and thus are undertaken on a cost-sharing basis.
  5. IBP Partners acknowledge that pooled expertise and resources increase the potential to re-ignite interest and political will in reproductive health and influence global, national and local reproductive health agendas.

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