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IBP partners are those organizations and institutions that have signed either the IBP Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or IBP/MOU Extension Document thereby agreeing to support the principles and operating guidelines of the IBP Initiative as a partner of the IBP Initiative.

A partner of the IBP Initiative will be any agency, organization or research institute at the global, regional or country level prepared to: 

  • Contribute to the implementation of the IBP Strategy and Annual Program of Work
  • Ensure commitment, funding and support to the IBP Initiative within their own organization and country-specific programs by incorporating the vision, goals and activities of the IBP Initiative into their strategies and workplans
  • Designate technical staff as needed to participate in global, regional or country activities undertaken to promote, support or launch IBP Initiative activities
  • Provide support, mentorship and follow-up for activities in countries where members have an existing infrastructure
  • Be accountable for participating in and/or leading IBP Task Teams according to their expertise and comparative advantage
  • Support the use of the IBP Knowledge Gateway, by establishing and supporting virtual knowledge networks within their own organization and projects, and contributing to an agreed program of work that focuses on the development and implementation of knowledge management strategies
  • Participate as a member of the IBP Knowledge Gateway Task Team and support the further development, management and use of a system designed to enhance the exchange, communication and sharing of knowledge
  • Agree to share both the credit and responsibility for the joint production of materials and publications
  • Agree to acknowledge each other for their contribution of work to any task, advertising, publicity or publication
  • Each IBP partner must designate one primary and one alternate senior technical staff member to serve as their representative to the IBP Initiative. All representatives must be a member of the IBP Initiative Community of Practice. This person will serve as a contact for the IBP Initiative within their own organization, be expected to represent the views of the organization, support and provide feedback on IBP activities
  • One representative and one alternate representative from each IBP Partner organization are appointed to consistently attend IBP Initiative Meetings in order to facilitate greater continuity, productivity and progress. This person will serve as the point of contact for the IBP Initiative within their own organization, be expected to represent the views of their organization and provide feedback on all IBP-related activities
  • All IBP Partner organizations have one vote for any issue that the Chair of the IBP Initiative suggests requires a ballot.



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